Convenient and Confidential Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Sessions in Palo Alto, CA

Some of My Most Popular Services:

  • Stop Smoking

    You can stop smoking for good! Thousands and thousands of people across the country have quit smoking using hypnosis. For one-on-one hypnosis sessions call us today. All of our therapists are experienced with this important and life-changing issue.

  • Weight Loss and Management

    We probably do more weight loss sessions than any other issue, and it seems that most of these clients are coming in by referral. Clients are coming in and saying "Do to me what you did to my Mom! (or Dad, Brother, etc.)"

  • Sleeping Problems or Insomnia

    Insomnia is one of the easiest conditions to treat with hypnosis. In fact causing someone to fall asleep while in hypnosis so easy it can be a concern to hypnotist! That's right. If you are in hypnosis and you are tired it is very likely you will fall asleep if certain steps are not taken to keep you awake.

  • Medical Applications

    Manage Or Eliminate Chronic Pain. Reduce Anxiety and Stress. Reduce Or Eliminate the Use of Some Medications. Hypnosis For Anesthesia.

  • Overcome Fears and Worries

    Not every hypnotist is successful in working fears and phobias. However our hypnosis professionals all have advanced hypnosis training in working with fears and phobias. It is a simple process that takes only a few sessions when you are working with a hypnosis professional trained in 5-PATH®

  • Improve Confidence, Performance, Motivation, Stress Management, Concentration, & Test Taking

    Our hypnotists are trained at helping you to be more successful.

Other Popular Hypnosis Sessions

Other popular hypnosis services

*A referral from a Medical Doctor is required for all medical- and pain-related issues.

Rapid Therapeutic Change

Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy. The length of the treatment is dependent on each individual and the behavior modification desired. Most issues that I work with are completed in 4 to 6 sessions. Smoking cessation may be as little 2 sessions..

What to expect

  • Your hypnosis session will be private and completely confidential (confidentiality is required by law in California). These one-on-one sessions provide you with the best results.

  • I will answer all of your questions about hypnosis so you will be informed and at ease for the hypnosis part of the session. I will listen to your goals and make sure to understand your concerns. I am able to customize your hypnosis sessions for your particular needs and considerations.

  • I will be able to ensure that you are hypnotized and have reached the appropriate level of hypnosis for your hypnosis session.

  • Most people feel physically very relaxed during the session. As hypnosis is not sleep but a heightened state of focus you will be completely aware of the session. You are always in control which makes hypnosis not only very efficient but also very safe. Nothing can be suggested to you that is not in harmony with you.